• El Toro Medical Clinic

    Medical Clinic, Lake Forest, CA

    We are a complete family care clinic for the Non-Insured

    No appointment necessary.
    At El Toro Medical Clinic in South Orange
    County, we provided friendly and
    reasonably priced medical services for
    all patients.

    We serve in Lake Forest, CA.


    A WEEK!

    We also offer:

    Medical Center, Vaccines, Medications, Family Physicians, Family Health, Botox, Ultrasound

  • Address

    23823 El Toro Road
    Ste. E122

    Lake Forest CA 92630
    Phone: (949) 354-0024

    Contact Info

    Phone: (949) 354-0024

    Business Hours

    Mon-Fri 8am-8pm
    Saturday 8am-6pm
    Sunday 8am-2pm